Your South Carolina Sleep Consultant


– Charlotte C. (New York) –

We were so impressed with Tonja that we also hired her to do a sleep plan for our younger daughter. Because this baby was only five months old and still nursing, I didn’t have high hopes for her, but she is now sleeping and napping well, and most of her daytime crankiness and excessive clinginess (which I now realize was caused by tiredness) has gone away. I can now spend time with my spouse, study, and work in the evening after the kids are in bed. It is like having an entirely new life!

– Katie D. (Alaska) –

Jade has never been a good sleeper. We feel like we tried everything!!!! My good friend suggested a sleep coach and gave me Tonja’s information. I am SO glad we contacted her!!! Her sleep plan was gentle and slow-paced. Jade fell right into the schedule Tonja made for her and within 3 nights was putting herself to sleep AND sleeping all night long!!!!

Tonja completely changed our lives.

Jade is more active, eats better, and is a happier little girl!!!!

– Laura O. (Connecticut) –

We are so happy we worked with Tonja to get our son to sleep better. Tonja responded to my emails very quickly and never rushed our phone calls when I needed support. The training was not an easy process but was necessary – prior to training our 6 mo old he was being nursed to sleep for every nap and at bedtime and would only nap for 20-30 mins and would wake up at night anywhere from 3-6 times. Since the training, he now takes longer naps, is able to soothe himself to sleep in his crib (yay!), and only wakes once at night to eat. Tonja was professional, informative, and supportive and we’re grateful we decided to work with her and are happy with the progress our son has made!