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If you’re ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that will teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day), then here’s everything you need to know about setting up a private consultation with me, your sleep consulting expert in Richland, Sumter, Kershaw, Clarendon, Florence and Lee County, South Carolina.

Tonja B’s Sleep Consulting Packages

Standard Sleep Packages

These are the most popular sleep packages that I offer and will teach your child to self-soothe. Learning to self-soothe is the issue with baby learning to fall asleep, stay asleep and go back to sleep once they have woken up in the night. I’m dedicated to helping your child reach a 12 hour stretch of sleep through the night and I have a 100% success rate as long as parents follow the customized plan that is put in place. In addition to a restful night, bountiful naps are also part of the program!

All Standard Sleep Packages Include:

  • Preliminary evaluation: I will send you a packet to fill out so that we can make use of the time that we have together during our 1hr telephone/virtual consult. I use this information packet to build a customized sleep plan.
  • A private 60-90 minute consult: During this telephone call or virtual consult, we will review the entire customized sleep plan and answer any and all questions.
  • Sleep Plan: a customized, step-by-step PDF document that will guide you through and teach you the skills necessary to get your child on the path to learning to self-soothe.
  • Follow-up support: Depending on which package that you choose, there will be follow-up phone calls to check in with your child’s sleep progress; 1 call (Bronze), 4 calls (Silver), and 6 calls (Gold). You will also get a sleep log, in which you will log in the times that your child woke up, slept for naps and bedtime, and ate/drank for each day. This log is critical for our follow-ups and check-in on your child’s sleep progress
  • Email follow up: This is a great feature in which we can keep the lines of communication open between us. You can email me daily with any questions or concerns during the entire process. I also use this method to communicate any changes that I may see based on the sleep log updates.
  • Resource guide: Once our time is over, you will receive more information on travel/ vacationing with your new sound sleeper, how to handle daylight savings time, nap transitions, and other sleep milestones.

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Choose this package if you don’t need as much support from me and just need direction and a plan. You can always upgrade to the next level if you find that you need more support.

Investment: $400



I recommend this package to all clients because it has two weeks of support. Two weeks is the average time that it takes for a child to learn the process and to build a strong foundation of sleep habits. Sometimes children can go through a sleep regression in the 2nd week and this can be beneficial to have support through it.

Investment: $697

- GOLD -

This package is recommended for toddlers (3yrs) and older children. Toddlers and older children have a little more independence and can be a challenge. I provide tools for success and help with getting the child on board to ‘making the decision’ to follow along and sleep well.

Investment: $750


Has it been a while since you’ve slept all night? Are you feeling nervous about sleep training? For those that need extra support from me and more hands-on advice, then a premium sleep package is for you! These packages give you a more concierge type of service along with a VIP experience. Parents who choose these packages usually gain more confident skills and become more comfortable with putting their child to bed and handling night wakings.

All Premium Sleep Packages Include:

  • Everything from the Standard Sleep Packages, PLUS…
  • In-home consultation and stay: I will come to your home and stay with you to review the customized sleep plan and get baby through bedtime routine and falling asleep (up to 3 hours). –
  • Text messaging support: As a bonus, text messaging support with be available from bedtime until midnight in the first few days.
  • 1 month follow up: As another bonus, there will be a 30-minute phone call one month post sleep training.
  • Phone support: 6 follow up phone calls to review sleep log and answer questions or concerns/ Email- unlimited daily email support for 3 weeks


Choose this package to have my in-home support from bedtime to 3 hours. I’ll help you put to ease the nervousness of beginning a sleep training program.

Investment: $847


Want the comfort of having in home support? Choose this package to have my support from bedtime until midnight.

Investment: $1,297


Have multiple night wakes and don’t know what to do? Choose this package and I’ll stay with you from bedtime until 6am the next morning!

Investment: $2,499


Additional Support Options

  • Phone support: 30-minute phone call Investment $95/60-minute call | Investment $149
  • Text message support: Add on text messaging support from bedtime until midnight. | Investment $150
  • Additional Week of Support (emails and two phone calls) | Investment $250
  • Retainer package: For moms of babies who would like to have the comfort of being able to reach me during the fast-paced sleep development of their baby in the first year. Includes support for a year. | Contact me for more info!
  • Refresher package: For past clients that may need a refresher or have a new baby, this is the package for you! | Investment $250
  • Basic package: This plan includes a preliminary evaluation, a customized sleep plan, and a 30-minute phone call consultation. This is the basic level of support that will get you started on the right path. | Investment $197
  • Add on siblings for $150, whether it’s twins or siblings that share a room, or any other situation in which you have more than one child to sleep train at the same time. | Investment $150

Speaking Opportunities

  • Free Sleep Seminar/Webinar: In this seminar, I introduce and discuss my 7 sleep tips to get your child sleeping through the night! Great value for FREE.
  • Sleep Workshop: This is similar to the free seminar, but enhanced with the Resource Guide and 7 tips handout. Great for small groups of 10 attendees and under. Investment $50 per hour.
  • Speaking Engagement: $100 per hour, this talk is perfect for large groups of 25 attendees or more. One 1hour filled with child sleep education, child sleep research, child sleep tips, etc. Followed by a Q & A.

Baby Sleep Seminars in Richland, Sumter, Kershaw, Clarendon, Florence, and Lee County, South Carolina

Sleep Sense™ Seminar

Attending a Sleep Sense™ seminar provides a comfortable environment where a small group of parents get together and learn how to SOLVE their children’s sleep problems.

You’ll get to share experiences with other parents who are facing some of the same challenges as you… and then develop a customized sleep plan that will give your child the tools needed to finally start sleeping through the night (and taking long, restful naps during the day.

Here’s a brief outline of what you can expect during the online and Richland, Sumter, Kershaw, Clarendon, Florence, and Lee County sleep seminars:

Wondering if a seminar is right for you? Contact me for a FREE 15-minute sleep evaluation for your child!

  • The special sleep needs of infants and toddlers.
  • What the leading sleep experts have to say about your child’s sleep.
  • Negative effects of disruptive sleep habits on your family — and how to fix them.
  • How to establish a fun and practical bedtime routine for your child.
  • Putting together a Sleep Sense™ sleep plan for your child.
  • Common pitfalls & problems… and how to avoid them
  • Deciding how much sleep your child needs during the daytime and planning a naptime schedule.

Types of Groups and Description:

  • Prenatal/ Newborn group: Focus will be on newborns’ sleep needs, how to implement a routine and how to handle developmental transitions. In this group, you will also receive a newborn sleep plan. Follow up by email and one phone call is included with this group fee.
  • 6 months to an 18-month-old group: Focus will be on sleep education and what to expect with this age population. Parents will put together their own sleep plan with my direct guidance. This group will have daily email support included for one week with the option to add on features such as text message support on night 1; phone calls; another week, etc.
  • 18 months and up group: Focus will be on sleep needs and sleep education with this age population. There will also be a discussion on the sleep challenges and how to handle them. Parents will receive valuable resources that will aid in the bedtime process. This group will have daily email support included for one week with the option to add on features such as text message support on night 1; phone calls; another week, etc.

Richland, Sumter, Kershaw, Clarendon, Florence, and Lee County, SC Baby Sleep Seminars

All seminar clients will receive one week of personal e-mail support with me. This is a great way to get fast answers to any questions that come up, as my policy is to respond to all e-mails within one business day (and usually much sooner!)

Group Seminars (1.5 hrs) | $150-$225

  • Child Sleep Education
  • Sleep Plan | Includes Night Schedule and Nursery/Room Overview
  • One Week of Email Support

Your Expert Sleep Consultant in Richland, Sumter, Kershaw, Clarendon, Florence, and Lee Counties, SC

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